Making a Small Dent in Reducing Plastic on Our Planet

Our home in Puerto Rico is in Palmas del Mar, which is a large gated community that feels more like a tiny town.  In February of 2019 I set out on a mission to get a recycling program throughout Palmas (currently there’s only one in a small section), and to make Palmas PLASTIC FREE!

No more plastic straws, plastic bags, and styrofoam take-out containers… all of which are things that get used once for a very short time (sometimes just minutes) and then spend hundreds of years in our landfills and oceans.

I’m thrilled to report that this mission is almost achieved!  These pics are a snapshot of the feature article in our Palmas community magazine about these two initiatives and the progress we’ve made.

Every day I look out at our incredible ocean view full of gratitude, AND I feel compelled to do whatever I can to help ensure future generations get to enjoy our gorgeous planet. Most of us care about leaving a healthy clean planet for future generations (even those that disagree with climate-change) and when we combine our efforts, even just micro actions, it collectively makes a big impact.

I’m sharing with you something that I did in my local community in hopes of giving you some ideas and inspiration to do something in yours.


Our New Life in Puerto Rico
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