How I Handle the Negative Effects of Technology

I LOVE technology and am grateful to be living in this time when it’s moving at the speed of light. However, there are consequences, especially to our bodies. 

The biggest consequence (that we know of right now) is our exposure to crazy-high levels of radiation/waves/rays from EMF, RF, ELF, MF, etc. If this is all new to you, check out this quick, easy visual breakdown

I’ve learned that there are simple and effective ways to mitigate the damage to our bodies. Below is a run-down of what I’m doing.

1. Unplug My WIFI at Night

This is the easiest, cheapest way to reduce your radiation exposure, and it’s during the time of day when it’s most beneficial to do so – while you’re sleeping. I simply unplug my router when I go to bed, but you can set it up on an automated timer – here’s how.

2. Put My Phone on Airplane Mode at Night

I always put my phone on airplane mode before I pop it on the charger on my nightstand. Simple, easy, and effective.

3. Use a Laptop Pad & Copper Fabric

Working with your laptop on your lap is a BIG problem. It creates fertility issues, especially for men, and we’re now learning is quite dangerous for fetuses (having a laptop or cell phone on or near your body when you’re pregnant).

To help mitigate the damage, always put your laptop on a protection mat. I got the Safesleeve laptop mat, and I tested it with one of the highest-rated testing meters on the market (Trifield TF2). The meter showed that the mat was only about 30% effective. However, when I slipped a special inexpensive copper cloth into the zippered pocket (as shown in the photo below), the effectiveness jumped to nearly 90%! 

When I’m out walking, which is pretty much daily, I wear a belt bag and put my phone in it. To protect myself, I slipped a piece of the special copper cloth into the small zippered pocket that is up against my body (so that the cloth is between me and my phone, as shown in the photo below). According to my meter, this reduces my exposure by nearly 70% (if I’m playing music or a podcast, which increases the radiation).

You can get this cheap and effective copper cloth on eBay. Based on the tests I ran with my meter, it does a great job of blocking the harmful stuff. 

The Safesleeve laptop mat is quite nice. I actually prefer having my laptop on the mat versus directly on my lap. However, I also ordered the Safesleeve phone case and tested it – it was junk, barely did anything. I purchased both items about three years ago; maybe they’ve improved the phone case now, I don’t know. 

Note for Expecting Mamas: My friend got the radiation protection band (to wear on your stomach while pregnant), and it tested to be very effective.

4. Have a Lifetune One on My Phone

The first three strategies reduce your exposure by cutting down the amount of EMF/radiation/waves you’re exposed to. This strategy is different. 

It (supposedly) “diffracts the EMF and its energy level by creating a holographic canceling electromagnetic wave, which essentially reverses/cancels the original energy wave emitted by the source of the EMF. This works somewhat like noise-cancelling headphones that give you the best sound without the background noise.” 

Yes, it sounds woo-woo. However, they have peer-reviewed research

Lifetune One is a relatively inexpensive nickel-sized dial you stick to your phone case. It covers 19 feet. Assuming you’re always within 19 feet of your phone, you’re covered. You can remove it and put it on a new case; it’s just hard to do, so if want a new phone case, get one now and stick it to your new case. 

It CANNOT go between your phone and your case. It needs to be on the outside of your case (only put it on your phone if you don’t have a case on your phone).

Use coupon code: Heidi25 to get 25% OFF – go here.

Based on what the experts are saying, it seems if you do these four easy, low-cost things, you’ll mitigate around 70% of the harmful effects on your body. 

In addition to those four strategies, I also…

  • Rarely wear Airpods. I go old school with regular headphones.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass early in the morning most days (for earthing/grounding).
  • Have a Lifetune Zone Max in my kitchen/dining/living room (I have an open floor plan). The coverage area is large enough to extend to my office and bedroom as well (if you decide to get one, use coupon code: Heidi25 to get 25% OFF). 
  • Have a Noa Waveguard Qi Machine in my bedroom next to the wall that’s shared with my office. It covers a 16.5 square foot radius, so keeping it there covers me when I’m sleeping in my bed and when I’m working in my office – the two places where I spend the majority of my time. 
  • Wear a Harmoni Pendant necklace when I travel and when I’m in large crowds (which means there are cell phones everywhere). 
  • I don’t use my microwave, except to keep my spices handy! It makes a great spice rack. It’s super convenient having the spices right above the stove and on a turntable. 

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