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Act 60 Qualifying Charity

Illuminated Life School (K-12)

We’re completely disrupting education!


The Illuminated Life School Network will serve students from birth to graduation in Pod Schools, through a homeschool program, and in physical schools.

As you may know, our current school system was designed during the industrial revolution in order to create great factory workers. And it worked well for that purpose.

We put kids in metal desks under fluorescent lighting for 8 hours a day with a bell that rings every 42 minutes and we teach them to follow orders, do repetitive tasks, color within the lines, never think for themselves, never think outside the box, and we purposely don’t give them the training and skills required to create financial freedom for themselves.

All of which helps kids become excellent dependent, lifelong factory workers.


Classroom in 1900

classroom in 1900

Classroom in 2020

classroom in 2020

120 years later the entire world has completely changed many times over, and yet our classrooms and our systems for educating our youth look very much the same.

It’s time to revolutionize our education system.

Because the current education system is inequitable on every level and broken beyond repair, we’re creating an entirely new system. One that inspires and equips our youth for the 21st and 22nd century.

Uber didn’t try to innovate taxis. Instead they created an entirely new model based on the needs of today’s world which made taxis obsolete. And then other companies launched using the same new model (Lyft for example).

That’s what we’re doing.

We’re doing to schools what Uber did to taxis.

This new model is going to raise up a generation of kids who know their unique genius and how to leverage it, and who are healthy, happy, productive, emotionally intelligent, critical thinking, global citizens who lead extraordinary lives and solve our world’s greatest challenges.

And we’re inviting you to join the revolution.

Great things are never achieved alone, we need you.

And here on our beautiful little island, the schools are performing below most developing nations. You can use part or all of your mandatory Act 60 donation to be part of the solution.

With the help of your donation, in our Pod Schools we’ll be providing FULL scholarships to deserving local Puerto Rican kids who are currently attending dysfunctional public Puerto Rico schools. This will completely change the trajectory of their lives. Donate now, here (takes just 3 minutes).

Your Donation Qualifies for Act 60!

As part of the Act 60 program, each year you need to make a donation to a Puerto Rico charity – and Illuminated Life School qualifies.