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As You Probably Know, A Membership Program Is One Of The Best Ways To Grow and Scale Your Business With Recurring Income and Without The Constant Stress Of Getting New Clients

If You Want To Avoid Trial and Error Strategies When Launching Your Membership Program… You’re In The Right Place!

I can shortcut your success by giving you the momentum and execution you need in one private powerhouse day together.
You’ll achieve “big business” speed and momentum on a small-business budget.
Finally… the support you need to launch your membership program (and know that it’s going to be successful).

Three Common Problems With Launching A New Membership Program

  1. You’re not sure how to create a high-converting evergreen funnel that brings you in new members on a daily basis.
  2. You’re not sure how to create and execute an effective retention strategy (with the right plan in place you can rest easy watching your membership base grow instead of constantly working to fill cancellations).
  3. You’re not sure how to create and execute an effective Community Engagement Plan. With most membership programs people join for results and stay for the community and support (provided they are in fact getting the results and that there is a community and support component built into your program). Your Community Engagement Plan is crucial to the success of your membership program.

I’d love to help you with all three of things (and more). While I don’t attest to be the world’s leading expert on membership programs, I’ve learned a LOT over the years and I continue to split test new techniques and strategies in the three membership programs that I own and operate. And I’ve had a first-hand behind-the-scenes look at a diverse array of membership programs that I’ve consulted with clients on.

You’ve Got Two Choices

To launch your membership program you could…

  1. Purchase and go through some online courses which could take you weeks or even months to go through and execute – and that’s if you don’t get stopped or overwhelmed in the implementation process.
  2. Shortcut your success by getting my full undivided attention on your membership program with the Alchemy VIP Package. Instead of getting a bunch of general information about membership programs in an online course, you and I will zero in on your goals, gaps, challenges, and opportunities.

In one powerhouse day together you’ll get the momentum and execution you need to get your new membership program up, running and filled with members. The Alchemy Package is designed to save you a TON of time, help you launch FAST, and help ensure your membership program turns to GOLD.

And the best part is, you won’t leave with a long to-do list – you’ll leave with a DONE list and an easy-to-do list that you (or your team) can complete quickly because you’ll have proven plug-n-play templates that only need minor customizations.

Membership Program Consultant

Alchemy VIP Package

Designed To Turn Your Membership Program To Gold

Membership Program Consultant

Here’s How It Works:

All of your sessions are held virtually in my private Zoom Room, which works like Skype. And they’ll be recorded so you can refer back to them if you desire.

1-Hour Prep Session

We’ll discuss your vision for your membership program, where you’re currently at in the process, and your biggest gaps, challenges, and opportunities so I can prepare for our powerhouse day of momentum and execution.

1-Powerhouse Day

The day will be divided into four sessions with a 20-minute break in between each session. Each of your sessions will be customized based on YOUR specific goals, gaps, challenges, and opportunities. Here’s an outline of how the day MAY go (it’ll be customized to your specific needs)…

Session #1 (90-Minutes): We’ll map out your new membership program (what’s included, how you deliver it, price point, etc.) or optimize your existing one. And I’ll guide you on what tools and software to use based on your specific program and deliverables. Then we’ll map out your launch strategy (which usually includes a simple low-budget pre-launch to ensure your offer is resonating before you invest in a full launch AND before you build out your new membership program).

We’ll choose the best launch strategy and funnel for YOU and your specific membership program. It’ll either be a Webinar, On-demand Masterclass, VSL, or Request An Invitation. I’ll give you a step-by-step template to follow for the model that you and I choose for you during our powerhouse day together.

Session #2 (75-Minutes): We’ll map out your pre-launch and full launch strategies, and your marketing and sales funnel. If appropriate for the type of membership program you’re launching, we’ll also map out your Liquidation Offer, Downsell, and Upsell (don’t worry about having a bunch of new stuff to create – I’ll show you a SUPER simple way to get these things in place and making you money!)

My Funnel Mapping Ninja, Kristy, map out your entire funnel in Lucid Charts and deliver it to you within 48 hours of when our powerhouse day together completes.

Session #3 (60-Minutes): We’ll create an effective retention strategy and Community Engagement Plan that’s custom tailored to your membership program.

Session #4 (60-Minutes): We’ll create systems that ensure your membership program runs efficiently so you can work fewer hours, and keep your overhead costs down, AND sell hundreds (or thousands) of memberships.

My goal is for you to help more people, make more money, have more fun, and work fewer hours.

Plug-n-Play Templates

After our powerhouse day together you’ll get immediate access to these plug-n-play templates.


– Organized Task Lists For Getting Up & Running (Value $97)

– High Converting Sales Page Template (Value $297)

– High Converting Sales Webinar Strategy/On-Demand Masterclass + Template (Value $497)

– Sales Follow-Up Email Sequence (Value $197)

– Fill-in-the-Blank Ultimate Membership Program Funnel Imported Into Your ClickFunnels Account (Value $997)

– On-Boarding S.O.P. and Email Sequence Template (Value $147)

– Member Cancellation S.O.P. and Retention Sequence Template (Value $147)

– Fill-in-the-Blank Community Policies & Guidelines (Value $97)

– Billing Protocols Template (Value $97)


Total Value of Just the Plug-n-Play Templates: $2,573


– Plug the task list into your project management system and assign the tasks to your team (or yourself). Many of the tasks come with simple to follow instructions.

– Make minor customizations to all of the proven email sequences and plug them into your email service provider.

– Customize the high-converting sales funnel that we import into your ClickFunnels account.

– Give your customer service person all of the done-for-you SOP’s for managing the membership program


5 Days Of Voxering

For five business days after our powerhouse day together you can Voxer me any questions that come up as you get your membership program launched. If you’re not familiar with Voxer, it’s a super simple handy free voice messaging app. I’ll send you a quick video on how to use it – it’s so simple your grandma could master it in 5 minutes. 🙂

1-Hour Follow-Up Session

We’ll do a follow-up session within 10 days of our Powerhouse Day together to answer any follow-up questions you have and address any challenges or opportunities that have come up for you.

Alchemy VIP Package is $6,000.

Payment in full is due 5 days prior to our Powerhouse Day together.


“I worked with Heidi to do a simple soft-launch with zero ad spend to test out a brand new offering. It ended up being our most profitable launch in the last 3 years!”

-Jon Gabriel, Author, Coach & Speaker


“I’ve spent 14 years working for and with the most proficient Fortune 100 companies and no one has ever given me better marketing advice.”

-Melissa Delay, Communication Strategiest


“Heidi showed me the light! For 3 years I heard about membership sites and offers… but I could not really conceptualize how it could work for me in MY business. Thank GOD I was lucky enough to have Heidi truly show me the light and it has DRAMATICALLY changed my entire team and business direction.

I had heard all about the advantages of membership sites, but Heidi really revealed exactly how it could work for me with both my existing content and fresh new monthly content. Then she went from the big picture to granular and shared not just her strategies, but even every blind alley she went down in figuring out the absolute BEST WAY to create both the site and the offer. (and she has it down to a science!)

She gave me all the pitfalls so I could avoid them and START with the best approach and systems. She even shared details of her own membership site, so my whole team could see the vision and get started immediately implementing!

Within about a month from our conversation, I was making an offer for my first membership site for our advanced clients… and the webinar offer was electric! Several buyers said, “it was as if you interviewed me to know what I need and created this!” All I did was follow what Heidi said! YAY…and as I write this TOMORROW I am a making a second offer for a much bigger, basic membership site that change the way we offer, sell and deliver value forever as a company. My team is beyond thrilled with the clarity of intent and marketing the membership site approach represent… and the ease of creating the back end.

As the head of my business AND the content creator, I needed someone to show me the vision and walk me all the way through the details …or this would have never been possible. I will be forever grateful to Heidi for her time, guidance and incredible expertise in this important transition!”

-Margaret M Lynch, Coach, Speaker, Author

Does getting the momentum and execution you need sound exciting?

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