Starting a New Chapter

It’s with a heavy heart that I share with my friends and loved ones that Farukh and I have decided to end our marriage. 

While this is for the highest good of both of us, we’ve created some incredible memories over the last decade together that we’ll treasure for a lifetime.  We’ve shaped each other in profound ways and become better people because of our partnership.I know the Universe brought us together for a reason.  When I met Farukh I knew we’d have a big life together, and we did.  It’s been an incredible adventure. 

A few of the amazing things we’ve experienced together…

– Explored the world together visiting magical destinations such as Greece, India, Bali, Australia, Europe and many others
– Bought two dream homes and did a couple major renovations
– Built & sold businesses together
– Cultivated a network of badass entrepreneur friends
– Moved to Puerto Rico
– Raised money and donated our time to meaningful charities

Thanks to all of our friends and family who’ve been here for us every step of the way.  I want to be clear that Farukh and I still deeply care for each other and are advocates and supporters of each other. 

As you can imagine, getting divorced and creating separate lives is a tremendous amount of work that has taken a lot of our time and energy.  If you’ve reached out and I haven’t yet gotten back to you, know that I will and that I truly appreciate your love and support.

A Little Life Update:

We officially and permanently ended our marriage in September 2021 and our divorce was finalized in January.  I moved into a condo I purchased in the art district of San Juan and loving living in the city – the energy, the food!, the beaches, all of the conveniences of city life, and being close to both new and old friends.  

I sold my company in December and am currently just doing some consulting part time while I focus on emotional healing and resetting, and am slowly plotting out my next business.  


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