My Journey Back From the (Almost) Dead

I was laying in bed with my phone on speaker next to me; one of my best friends, Lana, on the other line, choked up and saying to me… “Is this it? Are you checking out of this life? You’re not working. You’re not eating. All you’re doing is sleeping. Your vitality is gone. Our passionate, energetic Heidi is gone. We can’t lose you. We have to fix this.”

She was right. I was sleeping 14+ hours a day, and when I was awake, I was in a low-energy brain fog.

I was seeing my medical doctor, a naturopathic doc/acupuncturist, and a practitioner – all fantastic. I was getting lots of tests, taking lots of supplements, getting vitamin IVs, and acupuncture. After an acupuncture and vitamin IV session, I would have an okay couple of days and be able to get out of the house for a short period of time.

For the most part, the tests showed that I was healthy and a decade below my chronological age, but I felt terrible and had been basically unfunctional for a few months at this point.

We knew I had long-hauler covid and a minor mold exposure, but even that confused my doctors/practitioners. Because of my healthy lifestyle and age, those should have been slaps on the wrists for me, not put me in bed for months.

Lana found an alternative medical clinic in Florida near where she lives that is getting fantastic results treating people for long-term covid and mold, among other things – people are flying in from all over to this clinic because of the results they’re getting.

I called, told them I could be on a plane tonight, and asked how soon they could see me. They booked me in that week. 

They immediately started me on mold and covid treatments while running lots of tests. 

Lo, behold… we found the issue.

I had a rare bacterial infection that was attacking my immune system. Because of my ultra-healthy lifestyle, I was overcompensating for it and didn’t realize I was sick. I knew my immunity and system were off, but I blamed it on the fact that I had undergone significant life changes and was probably still emotionally and physically recovering – so I was just being gentle with myself and not that concerned.

The doc explained… because all of my immune system soldiers were working to fight this infection, there were no soldiers left to fight off normal everyday things we all come into contact with – so I got everything, all at once. 

My body overreacted to covid and mold, and I got mono and another minor virus – all around the same time.

They put me on IVs for 3-5 hours a day for a week, along with a bunch of other sci-fi treatments. 

A week later, I left the clinic feeling 65% better. They sent me home with a comprehensive protocol of supplements and things to do and take. Within a week of getting home, I was feeling 80% better.

30 days later, I got another round of extensive labs done and flew back to the clinic for additional testing and a checkup. The infection is gone, and all my tests showed a 30-70% improvement. I still have work to do lowering my inflammation and rebuilding my gut, immune system, mitochondria, etc. 

But I’m feeling MUCH better and working my way to 100%. 

Two Things I’ve Learned Through this Process:

  1. You have to take full responsibility for your health and well-being and set aside money to pay for it because your insurance most likely won’t pay for proper testing and care. I have zero-deductible universal health insurance (I live in Puerto Rico, where there’s universal health care), and I have concierge medical (which is out of pocket), and I still had to pay for most of my tests and care out of pocket. I’ve spent over $17K, and I expect to drop $3K-$4K more before I’m fully out of the weeds. Had I not spent the time and money to aggressively seek answers and proper care, I most likely would have been chronically ill for years – as a growing number of people are in America.
  2. Prevention is the best and by FAR the cheapest cure. Although I was living a very healthy lifestyle, I’ve learned so much more through this process. There are simple, cheap, easy things we can all do to keep our inflammation down and our immunity strong and to prevent ourselves from getting infections and viruses (did you know that when you’re in a fasted state, you can’t get a virus?!). I created a Cliffnotes of what I’m now doing, it’s here.

I’m happy to report that I’m finally BACCCKKKKK!

Although I’m still working my way to 100%, I’m back to work and have two of the most exciting projects of my life on the docket.

#1 – My nonprofit, Illuminated Life School, is launching a deep financial literacy after-school program for 10th-12th graders!

It’s called Financial Titans, and our first cohort of students is from under-resourced families and many experience food insecurity.

We are feeding them a primarily organic protein and plant-rich meal each night of the program, helping them make their first $1,000 and set up bank accounts, teaching them deep financial literacy, showing them how to care for their mental and emotional well-being, and teaching them communication skills and a few other necessary life skills.

This comprehensive 6-month after-school program will be life-changing for these kids and break the cycle of poverty they’re currently living in.

For more details or to donate or get involved, go here

For every $1,000 you donate, you can put a student through this 6-month program and change the trajectory of their lives, which will have a profound ripple effect. 

#2 – I’m launching a new company! 

It’s a tech company that will provide a MUCH-needed solution to small businesses and soloprenuers. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they have the least amount of resources. I’m thrilled to be creating a solution that solves a BIG pain point for them and will help them thrive. 

I’ve built 4 small businesses, and I’m now creating the solution that I’ve desperately wanted in all of my own businesses. 

It’s called CashFlowy (don’t judge the temporary kinda-ugly sneak peek page 🙈). 

I’m so excited for the year ahead. I’m getting my health game on point, developing superpowers, and doing meaningful work in both the nonprofit and for-profit space that elevates kids and small businesses – two of the things I believe in most in this world.

If you want to come along the ride with me, here’s how…

Follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

Sign up for progress reports on Financial Titans

Get on the waitlist for CashFlowy.

If you live in PR, get on the Puerto Rico VIP Events List and download my Puerto Rico Resource Guide here.

That’s exactly what I’m doing – living the life of my dreams – and I hope you are too.

To a future full of possibilities,

Heidi DeCoux

P.S. After posting this, I got several DM’s asking for the name of the clinic. The clinic is Advanced Rejuvenation in Sarasota. If you visit them, let them know I sent you. Thanks!


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