Do You Nurture Yourself?

Don’t you hate it when you go to a party and eat a ton of not-so-healthy food, or maybe have a few too many drinks and feel terrible afterwards?

You have a great time at the party but that over-indulgence hangover is the worst.

I threw my husband a birthday party last Saturday and decided that I was going to make sure none of our guests left feeling unhealthy or hungover.

(I love this picture of the party on our back terrace that my hubby shot with his drone.)

I’m a nurturer. One of the ways I show my friends love is by taking good care of them. Feeding them the best food possible is just one way I do that.

It’s a LOT more work preparing an organic, whole-foods based menu that caters to multiple dietary preferences and food allergies… but I was committed.

My mother-in-law, hubby and I spent over 20 hours between Friday and Saturday preparing the food for this party (not to mention all the pre-planning and yes, I made him help with his own party) and it was totally worth it. ?

The food was great – 100% healthy and nourishing and delicious and no one had that dreaded party food/drink hangover afterwards.

And…we got so many requests for the recipes that I decided to post the menu and recipes here on blog to share with everyone. So, if you’re looking for some healthy recipes for an upcoming party, or any event, you can find the entire plan here.

I believe in treating myself with just as much love and care as I would my husband, or my best friend.

Think about it. How nice are you to your best friends!?  You nurture them, give them compliments, encourage them, respect them, and support them in achieving their dreams.

Well, it’s just as important to be kind to yourself. After all, the longest relationship you’ll have is the one you have with yourself AND you spend the most time with YOU. So, it’s crucial to spend quality time discovering what you love most about yourself.

Negative self-talk can often go unnoticed, since it involves things you silently say to yourself. But, the truth is…. you’re an incredible person!  Think about all the beautiful things you’re capable of. Think about how important you are to those around you!

Treating yourself better can be as simple as this: Give yourself a silent compliment every time you see your reflection. Focus on traits you love about yourself: your eyes, smile, hair… whatever it may be! “You look fabulous today!”

If you make a mistake, like losing your keys, missing a workout, or even spilling coffee, avoid self-deprecating comments like, “I’m so dumb” or “That was stupid.” Would you ever talk to your best friend like that? Absolutely not!

Heidi DeCoux

For the rest of this week – and forever, really – focus on sending a lot more kindness your way. Notice how it feels AND how it shifts the results you get in your business!

The way you treat yourself creates an energy and your clients and prospective clients subconsciously feel that energy.  When you respect and value yourself, everyone around you is more likely to respect and value you.  And much more likely to hire you.

So this week, pay attention to your self-talk.  When you catch yourself saying something negative, stop, take a breath, and then say something positive to yourself.

Bonus points – each time you see your reflection in a mirror or a window, give yourself a sincere compliment.

Love & Success,


P.S. I love to nurture my clients too. If you’re interested in exploring working together, head over here.