I’m Launching a New Tech Company – Cashflowy!

After selling my last company, getting divorced, and moving… I took a MUCH-NEEDED year-long sabbatical to care for my mental and emotional well-being. 

Then, at the beginning of 2023, my friend Anny Chou and I launched a fun side hustle together around something we’re both passionate about – helping small businesses attract, hire, and retain a loyal team of highly-affordable overseas ROCKSTARS. You can check out our baby – Alchemized Teams, here.

Shortly after we got that off the ground, I had a pretty significant health challenge, which took me out for several months. But the entire time, I was dreaming up what I wanted to launch next.


I’m happy to report that I’m BAAACKKKKK – I’m feeling great and over the moon about my next adventure.

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you probably know that I’ve built 4 companies and sold 3 of them. What you may not know is… one of the biggest struggles in all of my businesses was bookkeeping.

I LOOTHE Quickbooks and have struggled to find and retain good bookkeepers – and it all costs way too much money.

I’m now focusing my time and energy on solving this problem for all of us by building an elegant piece of bookkeeping, invoicing, and cash-flow tracking AI software that eliminates the need for a bookkeeper and shows you everything you need to know about your business’s finances in 10 seconds (in a beautiful, user-friendly apple-esque dashboard).

It’s called Cashflowy

You can get a sneak peek here.

Shoutout to my rockstar Development House partner, Niraj Kumar of ZenKoder. Together, we’re going to build a game-changer.


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