A New Adventure

And we’re off… a new adventure begins now.

For those of you new to me, I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s built four businesses with 50%+ profit margins, sold 3 of them, including one for a 7-figure exit in 2021.

Then… 2022 was my year of healing & happiness.

Towards the end of the summer of 2021, I realized that very little about my life was working for me. I spent years meticulously and painstakingly building myself into a golden prison. I felt exhausted and drained most of the time.

When I got honest with myself about what actually made me happy and my real priorities, I realized that almost nothing in my life matched up.

The last half of 2021 became all about breaking free. Breaking free from the life I thought I wanted. The life I had worked so damn hard to create.

Part of my breaking free was leaving my marriage, selling my primary business, and moving to a new city (San Juan). And part of it was going on a long deep healing journey to heal all of the woundings that led me to create a golden prison for myself.

I’m proud to report that I emerged 2022 transformed in so many ways, and I’m emotionally and mentally healthier and happier than I’ve ever been.

In December of 2022, I teamed up with my dear friend, the brilliant and amazing Anny Chou, to launch a much-needed solution for small businesses – a proven system for building a winning team. 

Team is the #1 challenge in most small businesses.  And Anny and I have made every mistake in the book.  Over many years and multiple businesses, we finally cracked the code of building and maintaining a winning team, and now we’re merging our superpowers to give you the solution. 

We’ve built out and refined strategies, processes, and templates and used them successfully in different businesses in different niches.  We now have a proven, repeatable system – and we’re making it available on March 21st!

Our proven hiring & onboarding system, Alchemized Teams, will save you hundreds of hours of work and help ensure you hire the RIGHT people and get them onboarded quickly and effectively.

Right now, you can download a FREE 16-page guide we created:

The Definitive Guide On Finding and Hiring a Rockstar Virtual Assistant

This guide includes:

==> Why you should hire overseas talent
==> The 5 pitfalls for hiring overseas talent & how to avoid them
==> How to get an assistant for $400-$900/month
==> 40+ tasks to delegate to overseas talent
==> Job template & scorecard for your Virtual Assistant

Download yours now at ⇒ http://FreeVAguide.com 

This is the first business I’ve launched with a co-founder, and I’m already loving it. This is a side hustle business for us both, but one we’re passionate about.

Learn more here and grab our free playbook on hiring a ROCKSTAR overseas Virtual Assistant.


Want More Ease & Flow?

Years back, my friends started calling me "The Optimizer," and it stuck. I love talking about optimization and helping entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and life.

I live by the adage... a rising tide lifts all boats, so I'm happy to pull back the curtain and show you the efficient and effective systems I have in my business and personal life that create ease and flow.

I created a series of playbooks for optimizing your TEAM, PROFITS, SYSTEMS, and LIFE.

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