Act 60 Resident Resource Guide

When I moved to Puerto Rico almost 4 years ago, figuring everything out and getting all set up was time consuming.  I thought… we shouldn’t all have to figure this out individually.  

So I documented the process and all the tips, hacks and insider secrets I learned along the way and put them into a PDF.  My little PDF guide was downloaded over 2,500 times that year and I got so many beautiful thank you notes. 

Given how much the community has grown and how much has changed, my bestie (Selena Soo) joined forces with me and we did a major update on the Act 60 Resident Resource Guide.

You can download it now HERE.

No email opt-in required, just a free guide to help make island life a little easier for us all.   

Please pass it along to others living in Puerto Rico. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.


Heidi DeCoux

P.S.  Please consider making part or all of your mandatory Act 60 donation to my nonprofit – Illuminated Life School.  Your donation will change the trajectory of a child’s life.

For the story behind Illuminated Life School, and/or to make your donation now in just 3 minutes, go HERE.