The Baa Foundation

The Baa Foundation

Pictured here is Farukh’s mom, Raziya, the president of The Baa Foundation with some children of the Saoli Sadoba village.


The Baa Foundation is a charity we started with Farukh’s mom, Raziya.  We self-funded it for a few years, and then set it up as an official non-profit in 2018 so that we could accept tax-deductible donations from friends and family and use them to expand the work.

100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the projects.  Farukh and I take care of all of the over-head and administrative expenses so that if you choose to make a contribution, 100% of your contribution to go to help the people in need.


Our Mission:

The Baa Foundation is a non-profit organization that we own and operate.  Our mission is to establish healthy living and the groundwork for a successful life in a rural village in India, named Saoli Sadoba. We do this through four different initiatives.

Our 4 Initiatives:

  • Annual 1-Day Health Camp
  • Annual Career and Life Skills Education to Children
  • Annual Tree Planting
  • Waste Management Program

To see the story of how we got started and for more details on the four initiatives and their impact, head over here.

To help keep these annual health clinics going, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. 100% percent of your donation will go to the people in need. Big or small, your donation helps. The people in these rural villages in the Sawali Sadoba region will be eternally grateful for your support and so will we.

For more details on how to make a donation, head over here.


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