Heidi DeCoux

2017 Health Clinic

The Ba Foundation is a non-profit organization offering a FREE annual health clinic to those in need.

Who We Help

Each year we set up a 2-day free health clinic in a rural village in India, named Sawali Sadoba. People from all of the surrounding villages who are living in poverty and have limited access to health care, travel to our free health clinic to get life-saving and preventative health care screenings and treatments.

How It Works

The free 2-day health clinic is set up under tents. Doctors travel in from afar to volunteer their services. Local villagers work as volunteers to set up the clinic, check people in, prepare food to serve to the patients and doctors, manage the clinic, and to take it all down and clean up after the clinic closes for the year.

How We Got Started

There was a kind and generous man living in this rural village in India who cared deeply for people. He dedicated his life to being of service. He passed away on February 14, 2013. To honor him and his mission to help others, his siblings started this charity. The first 2-day free clinic was held one year after his passing, in February of 2014.

With the help of a few generous family members we’ve been self-funding each free clinics possible.  For 2018 we are setting this charity up as an official 501c non-profit organization and asking for donations so that we can continue to host these life savings camps year and after year.

My husband’s mom, Raziya, will continue to head up the charity and with the help of her siblings, she’ll ensure the annual health clinics are a huge success.

The kind and generous man who this charity was started in honor of, was named Janmohamed Mamdani, and he was Raziya’s eldest brother.

 What We’ve Accomplished So Far

  • In 2014 we administered 100 rubella vaccines, provided 15 cataract eye surgeries, gave 150 dental cleanings and treatments and gave 150 eye exams and treatments.
  • In 2015 we administered 150 rubella vaccines, provided 25 cataract eye surgeries, gave 300 dental cleanings and treatments, blood pressure tests and eye exams and treatments, and gave out 300 personal hygiene kits.
  • In 2016 we administered 400 rubella vaccines, provided 50 cataract eye surgeries, gave 500 dental cleanings and treatments, blood pressure tests and eye exams and treatments, and gave out 500 personal hygiene kits.
  • In 2017 we administered 600 rubella vaccines, provided 75 cataract eye surgeries, gave 750 dental cleanings and treatments, blood pressure tests and eye exams and treatments, and gave out 750 personal hygiene kits.

To help keep these annual health clinics going, please consider making a donation towards the 2018 clinic. 100% percent of your donation will go to the people in need of these vital health care treatments. Big or small, your donation helps. The people in these rural villages in the Sawali Sadoba region will be eternally grateful for your support and so will we.


Some Moments From the 2017 Health Camp

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