10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

As I look to build a deeper relationship with my community, I thought I’d share a handful of things you probably don’t know about me.

1.   My close friends call me the “Optimizer” because I’m obsessed with optimizing everything.  When I walk into any business or public space, I immediately start pointing out things that need optimization and exactly how they should be optimized.  One friend made me a movie trailer for my birthday last year of a fictitious movie starring The Optimizer… which of course was yours truly.  

2.   When I was 15, I worked at a fast-food restaurant named Hardees which was essentially the McDonalds of the Midwest.  The General Manager wanted to make me a supervisor but corporate had a policy that you had to be 18 years old to be a supervisor.  He convinced them to change their company-wide policy and I became the youngest supervisor for Hardees Corporation. 

3.   I’m a low-key health nut and I love to bake healthy treats that are so good you don’t realize they’re healthy.  And I’m known to sneak vegetables in them.  The favorite among my friends is my Carrot Cardamom Muffins.  

4.    As a kid I was a gymnast.  I was on the competitive traveling gymnastics team from ages 10 to 13 and spent two to three hours at the gym most weekdays practicing and traveled to competitions most weekends.  I competed in floor, bars, vault and beam.  Floor and beam were my strengths.  At home instead of walking from room to room, I did cartwheels and back bends.  Two months after I turned 14 I went to boarding school and unfortunately they didn’t have a gymnastics team so I hung up my leotards.

5.   I’m a serial entrepreneur.  I’ve built and sold three businesses, the most recent one was a 7-figure exit. I’m slowly starting to cook up my next business adventure but I’m mostly focused on fun & play right now so I’m moving slowly on this next one.  

6.   I’m a systems nerd.  I LOVE efficiency and can’t think straight when things are a mess, so I have a system for everything.  For example, if you run into me in an airport, you’ll see me in my “travel uniform”.  I literally have a box in my closet called “airport clothes” which contains the outfit I always travel in.  My backpack, toiletries and basics are all pre-packed and in a system.  You can see my complete travel system here.  

7.   I’m allergic to chocolate. I can smell it from a mile away and am totally repulsed by it – I guess my body just knows it’s not meant to have it.  Years ago, I was at a kid’s birthday party where they served white cake.  I took one bite and tasted chocolate which was bizarre given it was white cake with white frosting, so I asked the dad who made the cake if somehow there was chocolate in it.  He told me that when he was mixing the batter his son walked by and threw one single tootsie roll into the batter.  He just stirred it in and baked the cake, and was amazed that I could taste it.  For everyone’s sake at that party I hope that it wasn’t a half-eaten tootsie roll, but still a little weird that he finished the cake and served it at the party.    

8.   I’m a naturally happy person – an optimist through and through.  And I get over things very quickly.  Even when there is a lot going on and I’m in the middle of big stressful situations, I’m generally quite calm, emotionally stable, rarely have anxiety and knock-on-wood, have never been depressed.  I have dear friends that have struggled with depression and anxiety over the years and I’m grateful that I’ve never had to bear those crosses.

9.   I’m a city girl!  I live in San Juan, specifically Santurce, the art district of San Juan, and I love it. 

10. I love personality tests.  Here are some of mine: 

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ-A
Human Design: Manifesting Generator
Enneagram: 3,8,7 (Achiever, Challenger, Enthusiast)
Kolbe: 6681
Fascination: “The Talent”
Clifton: Futurist, Relator, Activator, Maximizer and I lead with Influencing Theme
Sacred Money Archetype: Maverick & Ruler
Wealth Dynamics: The Creator

So those are 10 things you maybe didn’t know about me.

Let me know if any of them surprised you or resonated with you on Instagram right here – and feel free to share a fun fact about yourself with me! 

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With Gratitude,
Heidi DeCoux


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