Heidi DeCoux

Our New Life in Puerto Rico

We made a BIG dream come true. For years we’ve been dreaming about having a winter home near the ocean. We scouted out options from Mexico to Bali looking for the perfect location… and last year we settled on the magical island of Puerto Rico. This is some drone footage my hubby took of our Read More

Do You Nurture Yourself?

Heidi DeCoux

Don’t you hate it when you go to a party and eat a ton of not-so-healthy food, or maybe have a few too many drinks and feel terrible afterwards? You have a great time at the party but that over-indulgence hangover is the worst. I threw my husband a birthday party last Saturday and decided Read More

How To Quickly Get Into The Flow (aka The Zone)

Do you ever struggle to get in the flow?  The Flow (aka The Zone) is when you’re so hyper-focused that you’re able to accomplish a TON of quality work quickly. Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley University, recently sat down for an interview with author Steven Kotler who wrote several great books including… Bold, Rise of Read More

Birthday Bash

We used Farukh’s birthday this year as an excuse to enjoy the last bit of summer by having good friends over for some good food, good drinks, and great conversations on the terrace. We were having so much fun that we ignored our phones and only took a few quick not-awesome pics (those are generally Read More

Book Review of I’ve Been Thinking

Heidi DeCoux

On our 4-hour flight from JFK to San Juan I read Maria Shrivers new book… I’ve Been Thinking . . . Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life — and I highly recommend it. In the intro, Maria writes: “This book has but one purpose: to get you to think about what constitutes a Read More

Fail Often & Fail Fast

Fail Often Fail Fast

I recently wrote a letter to one of my nieces who was scared of going for something she really wanted because she thought she may fail. Here’s part of that letter… I have a few things to say about failure. Did you know that Venture Capital Investors, known as VC’s, plan on losing 9 out Read More

A New Model For Public Education

Heidi DeCoux

Details coming soon.  Please stop back Read More

Our Big Fat Indian Wedding

Heidi DeCoux

    Below is a small curated album of each event from our big fat Indian wedding.  You can click on photos to enlarge them, and to download them.  For family and friends that were part of the festivities, if you want access to a much larger curated album, email me and I’ll send you the Read More

Renovating Our Home

We purchased a home six months before we got married and renovated it while planning our BIG fat Indian wedding, AND while flipping another house, doing a major launch in one of our businesses, plus we purchased another business… all in a six month period. Suffice to say, those were the busiest the six months Read More

The Baa Foundation

Our Mission: The Baa Foundation is a non-profit organization that we own and operate.  Our mission is to establish healthy living and the groundwork for a successful life in a rural village in India, named Saoli Sadoba. We do this through four different initiatives. Our 4 Initiatives: Annual 1-Day Health Camp Annual Career and Life Read More

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