In loving memory of Janmohamed Mamdani

Serving the Saoli Sadoba Region

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Raziya Shroff

Pictured here is the leader of this charity, Raziya Shroff, surrounded by kids of the village.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish healthy living and the groundwork for a successful life in a rural village in India, named Saoli Sadoba. We do this through four different initiatives.

#1 Annual Health Camp

Each year we set up a 1-day free health camp. People from the area and all of the surrounding villages who are living in poverty and have limited access to health care, travel to our free health camp to get life-saving and preventative health care screenings and treatments. The major services we’ve been providing are…

  • Eye exams and cataract surgery for the elderly

  • Dental check-ups and take-home dental kits for kids

  • Rubella shots for girls

Baa Foundation Health Camp

Our 1-Day Health Camp, held in a large tent.

Cataract Surgeries

We work with a hospital in a nearby village to schedule groups of cataract surgeries and then provide transportation, food, and medications for the villagers who attended need the surgery.

#2 Annual Career & Life Skills Education
to Children in the High Schools

Each year we bring experts into the schools to provide a week of special career and life skills education to the high school students. Our programming is designed to help break the cycle of poverty.

  • Some examples of the programming we’re providing:

  • Yoga

  • Sewing

  • Mehndi

  • Beauty (Cosmetology)

  • Personality Development (Strength Finder)


#3 Annual Tree Planting

Each year we plant around 50 trees and provide guards for each to protect them from animals. We also set up a watering service. This provides shade, helps with global climate change, and beautifies the village.

Tree Planting

Planting trees.

#4 Facilitate Waste Management Program

We provided garbage bins to all of the local businesses and set up a pick-up service. We’re working with the local businesses to have them pay an annual fee for the service so that it’s a sustainable program.

Waste Management Program

Distributing garbage bins to businesses.

How We Got Started

There was a kind and generous man living in this rural village in India who cared deeply for people. He dedicated his life to being of service. Janmohmed Mamdani passed away on February 14, 2013. To honor him and his mission to help others, his siblings started this charity.

It started with a 1-day health camp which was held one year after his passing, in February of 2014. Family members throughout the US and India donated money to make the first health camp possible. Each year we’ve been expanding the program to establish healthy living and the groundwork for a successful life to this part of India.

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