Heidi DeCoux

“I invested in a one-hour “Pick My Brain” session with Heidi to help boost my sales. She gave me some golden nuggets that I could implement immediately. I definitely plan to hire her again.”

-Joy Randel, Online Store Owner


“I have no doubt that I will get 10 TIMES my investment on just one of the ideas Heidi suggested during our 1-hour “Pick My Brain” consulting session. I trust her guidance completely. Heidi delivers so much value in one hour and helps you increase your bottom line with integrity!”

-Laura Wood, Marketing Consultant


“During our 1-hour “Pick My Brain” session, Heidi was able to take a look at my business and create a ‘big picture’ plan that helps connect all the pieces. And for no extra charge she followed up with some wonderful resources to help make these great ideas happen!”

-Nikki Nau, Sustainable Remodeling & Design

Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain Power Hour

I get asked “Can I pick your brain?” a LOT, so I decided to start saying “Why YES you can!” by opening up a few spots in my schedule each month for “Pick My Brain Power Hour” sessions.

After you invest in your “Pick My Brain” session, you’ll be taken to my online scheduler so you can choose a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll meet online via Zoom (or we can meet in person if you come to me). Afterwards I’ll send you the recording.

You bring me your biggest challenge and by the end of our power hour together you’ll know exactly what to do next.

Investment: $1000

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The Alchemy Package

The Alchemy Package

If you haven’t launched your new membership program because you’re not sure where to start and are overwhelmed by all of the to-do’s associated with getting it done, this package is for YOU!

It includes an organized task list with instructions that you can follow or delegate to your team, plug-n-play templates, done-for-you email sequences, a high-converting funnel transferred into your ClickFunnels account, SOP’s, and more.

This is NOT another program you need to go through. This is a set of resources that will make launching your new membership program FASTER and easier, and will help you avoid common pitfalls so that your launch and execution are more successful.

Investment: $795

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Alchemy Power Hour

Alchemy Power Hour

This includes The Alchemy Package PLUS a private one-on-one Power Hour with me (Heidi) held over Zoom or Skype to get my eyes on your program so I can help refine your strategy for maximum results, and answer any questions you have.

Investment: $1,297

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Alchemy VIP Package

Alchemy 90-Day Launch

The Alchemy 90-Day Launch is designed to give you the momentum and execution you need to get your membership program up, running & filled with members in 90 days

It includes everything in The Alchemy Package, PLUS, 6 private one-on-one consulting sessions with me, access to my personal rolodex and best resources, and I’ll personally review your sales funnel and webinar and provide feedback.

I’ll shortcut your success by giving you the momentum and execution you need. You’ll achieve “big business” speed and momentum on a small-business budget.

Get the support you need to finally launch your membership program and fill it with IDEAL members.

There’s a VERY LIMITED number of these packages available, so grab yours now.

Investment: $10,000

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If you love delivering your membership program but are overwhelmed by the marketing of it (funnels, Facebook ads, split tests, and so on), then our done-for-you service could be a great fit for you.

My husband and I partnered to offer this service to select clients. He’s one of the top PPC Managers in the country, and I’m a pro strategist when it comes to membership programs.

If your business is currently doing close to seven figures or more, and you want to either launch a membership program or currently have one running, schedule a complimentary phone chat so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to partner on growing and scaling your membership program.

Investment: $20,000 + 50% Profit Share

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“I worked with Heidi to do a simple soft-launch with zero ad spend to test out a brand new offering. It ended up being our most profitable launch in the last 3 years!

-Jon Gabriel, Author, Coach & Speaker


“Heidi is THE authority when it comes to building & launching membership groups. And with this offering she’s really done the leg work so you don’t have to think about the systems.”

Erika Lyremark, Author, Think Like a Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip


“I’ve spent 14 years working for and with the most proficient Fortune 100 companies and no one has ever given me better marketing advice.”

-Melissa Delay, Communication Strategiest


“Heidi showed me the light! For 3 years I heard about membership sites and offers… but I could not really conceptualize how it could work for me in MY business. Thank GOD I was lucky enough to have Heidi truly show me the light and it has DRAMATICALLY changed my entire team and business direction.

I had heard all about the advantages of membership sites, but Heidi really revealed exactly how it could work for me with both my existing content and fresh new monthly content. Then she went from the big picture to granular and shared not just her strategies, but even every blind alley she went down in figuring out the absolute BEST WAY to create both the site and the offer. (and she has it down to a science!)

She gave me all the pitfalls so I could avoid them and START with the best approach and systems. She even shared details of her own membership site, so my whole team could see the vision and get started immediately implementing!

Within about a month from our conversation, I was making an offer for my first membership site for our advanced clients… and the webinar offer was electric! Several buyers said, “it was as if you interviewed me to know what I need and created this!” All I did was follow what Heidi said! YAY…and as I write this TOMORROW I am a making a second offer for a much bigger, basic membership site that change the way we offer, sell and deliver value forever as a company. My team is beyond thrilled with the clarity of intent and marketing the membership site approach represent… and the ease of creating the back end.

As the head of my business AND the content creator, I needed someone to show me the vision and walk me all the way through the details …or this would have never been possible. I will be forever grateful to Heidi for her time, guidance and incredible expertise in this important transition!”

-Margaret M Lynch, Coach, Speaker, Author


“I absolutely love Heidi’s energy and positive enthusiasm! She is a woman who is passionate about seeing others succeed, and her ability to see through to the needs of a business is uncanny! In my short time on the phone with Heidi, I gained huge insight on the next steps to take with my business. I know that with her wisdom applied to what I am doing, there is no other option but to excel! Bottom line: Heidi rocks the Casbah!”

-Carey Keavy, Social Media Manager


“After a one hour meeting with Heidi I had an entirely new clear, simple, straightforward marketing plan. Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!”

-Patrick Pryor, Artist & Gallery Owner


“I have never met a consultant like Heidi. She is quick-thinking, responsive thorough and totally on her game, staying on top of new trends at all times. You cannot go wrong hiring her and her lively team of people who directly reflect her energy and enthusiasm.”

-Tina Feigal, Child Psychologist & Parenting Coach

Want to achieve “big business” speed and momentum on a small-business budget?

Grab your “Pick My Brain” power hour session. It’ll be you and me one-on-one for 60 intense minutes (held online via Zoom – and you’re welcome to bring a business partner or key employee).

You bring me your biggest challenge and by the end of our power hour together you’ll know exactly what to do next.

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