Heidi DeCoux


Does this sound like you?

You have an idea or goal you want to pursue BUT. . .

You don’t want to buy another $2K program that you have to then set aside 30+ hours to consume it.

You don’t want to join (another) multi-month-long intensive coaching program.

Nothing wrong with online courses or coaching programs or masterminds – in fact, I’ve invested in loads of them, and love them! But sometimes you just want to cut to the chase. Instead what you really want right now is to consult with a master strategist who can quickly asses your specific situation, needs and desires, and then give you the exact council you need to move forward.

You have some burning questions that you’d like to get answered from someone that’s been there done that, multiple times. You want to be advised of the pitfalls to watch out for and guided to the exact resources you need.

Here’s what I’m offering… simple straight-forward one-on-one consulting with me, a trusted advisor, who can shortcut your success and make it easier for you to navigate the pathway to your goal.

No fluff. No hype. No large investment. No hours of content to consume and then apply.

You Might Be Wondering…

Why I Offer One-on-One Consulting When “Everyone” Says It’s a Waste of My Time…

Quite simply… because I love it. These sessions leave me feeling inspired and satisfied because with just a little bit of consulting, I’m able to help you make more money and/or solve a painful problem in your business.

What I Can Consult With You On. . .

  • Strategy! I’ve been called a master strategist and would love to help you with your sales funnel, webinar (I’m a pro at high-converting webinars), and/or overall marketing strategy.
  • Membership Sites!! Big and small. High-priced and low-priced.
  • Cash-Injections. Giving your business a quick injection of cash.
  • Systems & Processes. Streamlining your business to save you and your team time and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Some of My Street Cred

  • B-School Grad and RH&H Attendee
  • ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award (twice)
  • Attended Traffic & Conversion Summit 8 Years in Row
  • Countless online courses, conferences and masterminds
  • Built 4 companies with 50+ profit margins and sold 3 of them

Want to achieve “big business” speed and momentum on a small-business budget?

Grab your Alchemy Power Hour!

You bring me your biggest challenge and by the end of your Alchemy Power Hour together you’ll know exactly what to do next. And I’ll send you specific resources to help you get it done quickly.

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The Alchemy Package

I get asked. “Can I pick your brain?” a LOT, so I decided to start saying “Why YES you can!” by opening up a few spots in my schedule each month for an Alchemy Power Hours which is your chance to pick my brain.

One power hour can help you achieve “big business” speed and momentum on a small-business budget.

I only have a few spots available each month for one-off consulting sessions and am generally booked 2-6 weeks out.



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