Heidi DeCoux

I’m wired to see possibility. From the time I was a little kid, I was always noticing how things were and imagining how they could be.

I’m always curious about creative ways to solve a problem or achieve a goal – not the way everyone else is going,
but my own way. Efficient solutions are great, but they’ve gotta have beauty and joy, too. And I’ve discovered along the way: the joyful route often is the most efficient, because joy is an energy that propels us forward.

This wiring is also why I knew from a young age that the entrepreneurial life was for me. I did NOT like working for someone else. I want to run my own ship.

I started my first business when I was 19 and haven’t stopped since. I’ve built four companies and sold three of them.

Here’s the deal, though: part of being wired like this is that I notice when things aren’t working the way they should. Because when things aren’t working, that means that lots and lots of people aren’t connecting with their full potential – and in the long run, that hurts all of us.

I’m driven to repair what’s broken. To heal what’s wounded. To bridge what’s been separated. To amplify what’s been silenced or suffocated.

In other words: not only do I want to guide people towards their purpose, I also want to restore institutions and systems that hold people back from living their best lives.

Because we’re in a time where we need all hands on deck. We need bright minds and big spirits and bold ideas to solve the immense challenges we’re facing as a nation and as a global community – and we have to do everything we can to clear the way for the most amount of people to be able to live their best lives.

My core belief is… A rising tide lifts all boats.

Together let’s come up with bright ideas & approaches that allow all to live extraordinary lives.

Insider Info



“Fueled by knowledge, joy, and playfulness”


“One of the most positive and optimistic personalities out there. Astonishing enthusiasm and a pleasure to be around. You love trying new things and never say no to the prospect of an adventure.”


Moon Sign in Leo 9th house people are highly focused in their profession, and they do not need doses of motivation to grab opportunities. They are creative, imaginative, and bring a smile on other peoples’ face, are trustworthy and will never betray anybody for their selfish interests.


  • Love of learning (wisdom)
  • Social Intelligence (humanity)
  • Perspective (wisdom)
  • Forgiveness (temperance)
  • Zest (courage)


  • Life Purpose 32/5 – “The Successful Messenger in the Spot Light”
  • Day of Birth 1
  • Destiny 62/8 – “Global Ambassador”



Assertive Protagonist, ENFJ-A

Human Design
Manifesting Generator, 3/6 Profile

Fascination Test
“The Talent”. Passion + Prestige

GEMS Personality Assessment

I’m a tie between The Achiever (3) and The Challenger (8), and The Enthusiast (7) as a close second.

Sacred Money Archetype
I’m a Maverick with Ruler as a VERY close second, and Romantic as my third.

Chinese Zodiac
The Horse

CliftonStrengths 34 (formally StrengthsFinder)
Futuristic, Relator, Significance, Activator, Maximizer and I lead with Influencing Theme. To see my profile, click here.

Wealth Dynamics
The Creator

6681 – You can view my report here.

A Few Other Insider Facts

I’m an ambivert (combination of introvert and extrovert), a water and coffee snob, and a foodie that’s unfortunately allergic to chocolate, yes chocolate (it’s an extremely rare allergy), and sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, corn, almonds, and peanuts, and my favorite dessert is super chunky carrot cake.


Heidi DeCoux is a serial entrepreneur who’s built four businesses with 50%+ profit margins and sold three of them, one of which was a 7-figure exit.

Her latest adventure is launching the tech startup, Cashflowy.ai, an elegant AI bookkeeping, client invoicing, and cash-flow management software for small businesses that eliminates the need for a bookkeeper.

She’s appeared in Forbes and other publications and has become known as “The Optimizer” because she’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and lives.

Heidi is also a consultant, investor, advisor, and financial literacy advocate who volunteers her time to her nonprofit, Financial Titans, which provides deep financial literacy and mental health to young people aged 15-26.

Heidi Decoux