Heidi DeCoux




Farukh and Heidi



October 14, 2011

We met at a marketing conference in Scottsdale Arizona hosted by Jeff Walker. We became friends and eventually fell in love.


September 25, 2013

Heidi moved across the country from Minnesota to Pennsylvania.


November 17, 2015

We bought a home in Pennsylvania with the intention that this would eventually be our summer vacation home because we were committed to living most of the year somewhere near the ocean.


May 22, 2016

We wed in style with a BIG fat Indian Wedding in Pennsylvania then honeymooned in Paris, Venice and Santorini.


Fall of 2016

We made a list of places near the ocean that we wanted to explore moving to. The list included Mexico, Bali, Florida, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. We spent over a year taking trips to each place on our list to scope them out… except we never made it to Costa Rico. Puerto Rico was the second to last one on the list and as soon as we got there, we felt the magic of the island and knew we had found our new home.


February 2017

We spent nearly a month in India visiting family and facilitating a charity that Farukh and his mom started in February of 2014 – TheBaaFoundation.org. Our charity helps at-risk girls who live in a rural village in India establish career skills, healthy living, and the groundwork for a successful life. We’ve continued to grow and now raise up over one thousand girls every year which has a profound ripple effect.


November 2, 2018

We moved to Puerto Rico! We purchased a home in a beautiful little community on the southeast side of the island.



We dramatically simplified our business life to free us up to focus on growing The Baa Foundation, as well as launching the first Illuminated Life School in Puerto Rico with the mission to revolutionize public school throughout America (the states and its territories), and eventually worldwide.


December 31, 2019

Illuminated Life School officially became a 501c non-profit! We funded the initial launch with some generous donors and some of the profits from the sale of one of our businesses.


July 15, 2020

We’re opening enrollment for the first Illuminated Life School!!


August, 2021

The first Illuminated Life School opens in Humacao Puerto Rico.


By 2023

We’ll be accepting applications from people who want to open an Illuminated Life School in their area! Anyone can apply – parents, educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, and owners of pre-schools and daycare centers.


By 2042

Over 20 million kids in America will attend an Illuminated Life School. Our hope is that every child in America (and eventually worldwide) has access to a handful of different free public world-class student-centered whole-child schools, and our commitment is that every child in America will, at minimum, have to access to an Illuminated Life School.

Insider Info

If you’re into personality tests and random fun facts, this insider info is for you. 😉

I’m an ENTP and my hubby Farukh is an ENTJ.

Human Design
I’m a Manifesting Generator, 3/6 Profile.

Fascination Test
I’m “The Talent”. Passion + Prestige

GEMS Personality Assessment
I’m an Emerald/Ruby. Farukh is a Ruby/Sapphire.

I’m a tie between The Achiever (3) and The Challenger (8), and The Enthusiast (7) as a close third.

Sacred Money Archetype
I’m a Maverick with Ruler as a VERY close second, and Romantic as my third.

Favorite Flower
Peonies and Bougainvillea

Favorite Coffee
Hot Macadamia, Cashew or Coconut Milk Latte with 2 shots of espresso, lots of milk, a little foam and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. My favorite beans are the Bulletproof Mentalist blend.

Favorite Cuisines
Indian and Thai

Guilty Pleasure
A creamy rich mac-n-cheese. For the real stuff I need to take at least 3 digestive enzymes to not be miserable afterwards but there are times it’s well worth it.

A Few Other Insider Facts

Farukh is an extrovert and I’m an ambivert (combination of introvert and extrovert).

Our first dinner together was a group dinner at a marketing conference. We sat next to each other at the end of a long table of people and bonded over the fact that we’re both coffee snobs, water snobs, we have the same semi-bizarre favorite desserts – banana cream pie & super chunky carrot cake – and we’re both foodies with the same frustrating food allergies (we’re both allergic to chocolate, which is an extremely rare allergy, and we’re both sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy and corn).

Apparently we’re made for each other. And we’re both pretty happy about that.

Some of Our Street Cred

B-School Grad and RH&H Attendee
ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award (twice)
Several Digital Marketer Lab Certifications
Attended Traffic & Conversion Summit 8 Years in Row
Countless online courses, conferences and masterminds
Google Adwords Certification
Google All Stars
Facebook/Instagram Preferred Agency